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AC-262 536 Powder

AC-262 536 Powder is a non-steroidal androgen receptor, and research suggests it specifically targets the bone and muscle androgen receptors. This SARM can increase muscle growth by selectively targeting the bones and muscles.



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Endo-Exo isomerism is present in the chemical composition of AC-262-536 powder sarms, and the endo structure is active here. It is an activator for the androgen receptor yet lacks affinity for other receptors.

It affects 66% of the anabolic activity of testosterone and 27% of the effectiveness of androgens, according to animal studies, but has no tendency to bind to steroid receptors such as mineraloid MR, oestrogen ER, glucocorticoid GR, etc. In addition, research indicates that it is non-steroidal, so it does not cause side effects such as the potential for prostate cancer or an increase in liver enzymes.

Scientists have discovered numerous benefits of AC-262-536 powder, including increased muscle building, strength, as well as testosterone increase.
Unlike other sarms, it activates the muscle androgen rather than the reproductive tissues. According to research, only the bone and muscle androgen receptors are targeted by this AC-262-536.

AC-262-536 powder sarm could improve athletic performance by increasing muscle strength and fat burning. Research on AC262- 536 liquid dropper suggests that it could be a potential treatment for Alzheimer’s disease due to its ability to enhance spatial memory, which could alleviate the symptoms of this disease.

Benefits of AC-262-536 Powder Sarms:

  • Could assist with building and strengthening muscles
  • Shown to increase testosterone levels
  • Studies suggest it could cause weight loss
  • Increases spatial awareness
  • Researchers indicate it could have a potential advantage in treating Alzheimer’s disease.



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